The Slipher Brothers

By Lauren Amundson

Hot on the heels of our Historic Buildings and Telescopes exhibit, we’re pleased to announce the addition of an online exhibit called The Slipher Brothers. It highlights the lives and careers of former Lowell Observatory astronomers and brothers, V.M. and E.C. Slipher. Focusing on their respective research interests and contributions to the astronomical and local communities, the exhibit features drawings, observation notes, photographs, documents, newspaper articles, and fun items from such as rare college yearbook entries and military draft cards.

E.C. was a prominent planetary photographer, known for his images of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. He was also active in local and state government, serving on the Flagstaff City Council, as Mayor of Flagstaff, and in the 9th Arizona State Senate.

V.M. took measurements of the radial velocities of spiral nebulae (galaxies). He discovered the redshifts of the nebulae, which meant that they were moving away from Earth at a great speed (see One Shift, Two Shift…)

He served as the director of Lowell Observatory for many years, and he was involved in various business and real estate ventures in northern Arizona.

We’re proud to honor the brothers’ contributions and legacy with this exhibit.